Zumera is Proud Sponsor of "Cycling Paradise" - An Exclusive Event for Discerning Cyclists on the Island of Sylt


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With this in mind, we are delighted that Zumera has found a way to further demonstrate our commitment to excellence and progress as the Prime Sponsor of the exclusive vintage cycling event "Cycling Paradise" on Sylt.

"The cyclists participating in such tours are diligent, curious, competent and reliable. Zumera also stands for these values, which is why we are proud to support this special event as a young company," says Felix Engelhardt, CEO and founder of Zumera.

On the 2nd of September, Zumera's interdisciplinary Business-Life-Cycle team, along with selected friends and partners of the company, will set off to circumnavigate the island of Sylt, in the slipstream of sprint legend Erik Zabel.

As part of the inaugural event, Zumera will also auction off an Eddie Merckx vintage bicycle, the proceeds of which will benefit local coastal conservation efforts.

Interested parties can participate in the online auction starting from June.

Marian Gerster, COO of the Zumera Group, describes the M&A firm's involvement as "a natural synergy that reflects our values" and sees the exclusive event on the picturesque island of Sylt as "a unique opportunity to participate in a spectacular event with our clients and simultaneously contribute to the sustainable protection of Sylt's coast."

First, enjoy a 5-course meal, then cycle in 6th gear.
At Cycling Paradise, fun and nostalgia blend into an unforgettable experience. An exclusive fringe programme, initiated by a pre-dinner evening with meals from Hotel Strandhörn's Dirk Lässig, transforms the tour through the breathtaking sand dunes of the popular German island into an essential date for bicycle nostalgics. The route takes the extended Zumera team and other participants through picturesque landscapes, past historic lighthouses and along the impressive Sylt coastline.

Anyone thinking the pace would slow down after the race is wrong. After the award ceremony by Tour de France legend Erik Zabel, participants and spectators will head towards the exclusive VIP lounges of sponsors Hublot and Zumera, where personalities from sports and music will entertain and encourage breakaway groups to hang up their cycling shoes late into the night. In a relaxed atmosphere, participants can exchange experiences and make new connections.

For those who find cycling against the Sylt breeze too strenuous, there is the option to follow the race as spectators on the sidelines or enjoy the view from a beach chair. During the race, live music and exclusive tours ensure varied moments on the beautiful island of Sylt. "Cycling Paradise" is not only a sporting highlight but also provides an excellent opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and decision-makers in a unique environment.

Thus, the event serves as the perfect platform to establish new business contacts, deepen existing relationships, and at the same time experience the fascination of cycling in an extraordinary setting. Zumera is proud to contribute as the main sponsor of this premier event, which promotes the shared interest in cycling while also bringing social responsibility and environmental protection to the forefront of participants' minds.

By combining passion, team spirit, and a touch of glamour, "Cycling Paradise" on Sylt offers an unforgettable experience that reflects the values of the Zumera Group in every aspect.

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