8 May 2024

The 23rd NOAH Zumera Bible

In collaboration with the NOAH Conference, we are excited to introduce the NOAH Zumera Bible.

Written by Felix Engelhardt, CFA

The 23rd NOAH Zumera Bible

The capital markets are rebounding, particularly for profitable growth companies that have demonstrated financial stability and are now recovering their share price losses. However, many business models remain fragile, or their markets too small to achieve their financial goals. Exits are rare in markets that are still on the path to recovery.

Our advice: Use the time to meet new investors supporting your next phase of growth or providing some liquidity for early investors or founders. From the outset, NOAH’s mission has been to connect leading founders with investors and service providers. Today, we are updating the NOAH Hot List. We hope the Bible assists you in finding the ideal partner for your next stage of growth.

Investors are invited to connect with the 765 Hot List companies through the NOAH Investor Concierge Service. Additionally, there are going to be 150 interesting speakers for the upcoming NOAH Conference, scheduled for June 2-4 in London. Valuations have increased on average for the NOAH Company public list. We look forward to seeing you at the NOAH Conference in London this June. Until then, happy reading!

Welcome to the next level of investment intelligence

As Zumera and NOAH continue to strengthen their partnership, they remain dedicated to providing valuable insights and achieving maximum transaction value for their clients. With a shared vision of redefining the European tech landscape, this collaboration is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry. By combining their strengths, Zumera and NOAH are paving the way for a new era of M&A advisory excellence, empowering companies to unleash their full potential and make value creation history.

Our team of experienced professionals, combined with NOAH's extensive network and industry expertise, promises to unlock new avenues for value creation and drive transformative deals in the dynamic technology landscape.

We have significantly improved the accuracy of our industry segmentation, particularly through the data from the NOAH Conference.
Felix Engelhardt, CEO & Founder of Zumera

Whats featured in the NOAH Zumera Bible?

A unique investment framework, in-depth analysis of 2,000 companies Across 10 verticals, exclusive data on high-potential firms and leading investors, all evolving quarterly with community-driven intelligence. Moreover, our in-depth analysis extends to investors' portfolios, offering valuable insights into capital stages, verticals, and employee growth metrics. This includes a thorough review of market-leading investors, segmented into Venture Capital, Growth, and Private Equity categories, each accompanied by return indications.

  • Latest sector statistics and operational KPIs
  • Including 2,000 public and private companies
  • Covering 10 industry verticals
  • NOAH Hot List – an overview of the hottest companies in the ecosystem

Sign up today and get the 23rd NOAH Zumera Bible

A quarterly publication with a dedicated focus on European public and private internet companies spanning 170 segments, showcasing employee growth and fundraising statistics.

Empowering the Digital Ecosystem at NOAH London 2024

NOAH is Europe’s Leading Growth Capital Fundraising Platform having hosted over 30.000 unique attendees with a focus on investors. Since 2009, it is supporting the Digital Ecosystem by connecting its market leaders. NOAH London (3-4 June 2024) is a 2-day conference hosting 150+ growth companies on stage and over 300 additional companies attending.

NOAH is running a meeting platform to introduce its speakers and attendees to more than 500 leading institutional investors and family offices. Around 2/3 of the speaking companies have submitted their fund raising criteria and are collectively looking for $10+ bn of new capital at NOAH.

Join Zumera at NOAH London on 2-3 June 2024 at the Royal Lancaster to experience the power of this strategic partnership firsthand and explore the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in the European tech ecosystem

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