Germany is among the top 3 largest manufacturers of machinery. The machinery and plant engineering sector is a leading force in exports and innovation. The industry, which is strongly characterised by small and medium-sized enterprises, is responsible for the production of complex goods for the economy and the creation of technologically sophisticated preliminary products.

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Current Developments

The engine of the German economy.

In recent years, the mechanical and plant engineering sector has faced up to the challenges of digitalisation. The implementation of digital production processes offers industrial companies promising prospects in the context of the smart factory and the fourth industrial revolution.

Growth Rates


Digital twins

Digital twins are the digital representation of physical objects and systems that can be used to optimise and link processes, improve production, and minimise failure rates.


Our Sector Transactions
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Number of M&A transactions - DACH region, 2021 (as of August)
Significant Transactions
  • Leonardo S.p.A. x Hensoldt AG
  • BorgWarner Inc. x Akasol AG

Future Trends

Industry 4.0 has a strong influence on the structure and progress of mechanical and plant engineering. The demand for software expertise continues to grow, as software-based services are already integral parts of existing business models. New materials also allow completely new approaches to products and production processes. Materials such as laser crystals or customisable plastics are being rapidly developed and brought to market.

Our View

Mechanical and plant engineering is an example of the broad capabilities of German industry and is one of the most innovative sectors. The development of Industry 4.0 offers potential for optimisation along the entire value chain. In the future, new markets will emerge and factors such as digitalisation, climate protection and mobility will determine revenue.

Our View

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