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Calculate the value of your company with Zumera.

Whether you are thinking about selling your business or just want to understand what the markets currently have to offer.
The Zumera Company Calculator provides you with the most important multiples.

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The Zumera company calculator
is based on objective
algorithms and uses
comparable market data and sector-specific KPIs to guarantee the most rational valuation possible.

Historically good

What makes our computer so strong?
makes? Its unique
Through the use of
historical data gives each result immediate relevance.

Discreet & secure

A professional business valuation
contains a lot of sensitive information. Zumera only asks for parameters that are really needed and meets the highest data protection standards.

Value lever identification

A modern
company valuation provides much more than just a
price indication. Zumera recognises optimisation potential and
identifies value levers that
are of immediate benefit.

The first assessment tool that speaks the language of your industry.

The Zumera Company Calculator is the first valuation tool that appreciates the specific circumstances of your sector.

What do we mean by that? You always get a result that has been achieved by taking into account those parameters and markers that we have identified as relevant for your industry.

Zumera bundles the experience of more than two decades of M&A consulting into one tool and thus guarantees a realistic valuation.


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Your added value. Our appreciation.

No matter whether you want to raise capital,
planning your retirement or facing other challenges: Our company calculator provides an indicative company valuation including well-founded multiples. Our sector experts then share exciting insights into your industry.

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Early detection of optimisation potential

After the evaluation is before the sale.

Zumera calculates how much your business could be worth. Our team of experts will then guide you through any optimization opportunities to put your company in the best possible position for a future transaction.



  • Discussion of the valuation result with a Zumera M&A advisor
  • Contextualisation using other financial indicators



  • Revision of the entire value chain
  • Definition of economic, seasonal & structural problem areas
  • Scenario analyses and future forecasts


Strategy development

  • Concrete testing of the hypotheses on the market
  • Anonymous addressing of competitors
  • Creation of an opportunity matrix

Zumera. A new era of M&A.

Zumera stands for a structured approach, safe navigation through the entire transaction process and lightning-fast implementation.

For more than 20 years, entrepreneurs from all over Germany have trusted in our tailor-made methods and our entrepreneurial spirit - the foundation of our continuous success.

Coverage of all aspects related to the M&A process
Owner succession, mergers, exits and strategic partnerships
Direct access to foreign investors through global presence

We advise SMEs & Hidden Champions

At Zumera we are proud of our excellent track record. We support entrepreneurs, strategists and investors across Europe when it really counts.

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Early detection of optimization potential