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The automotive sector represents the core of the German economy. No other sector plays such a decisive role for Germany's prosperity, international success and jobs in the country. A highly interconnected value creation structure composed of various industries links the automotive sector to the state of the economy.

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Current Developments

Automobile industry in the course of time

The automotive industry is experiencing one of the most significant and engaging times in its history. Technological progress, especially in terms of alternative drive technologies, is allowing the development of new business models such as ride sharing. The thriving sharing economy and easy access to capital are also lowering the barriers of entry into the market.

Growth Rates



The consolidation of the automotive industry in Germany is progressing. With the recovery from the Corona pandemic, a trend towards size and thus a wave of takeovers is dawning.


Our Sector Transactions
Highlight Transaction
BMW Brilliance Automobile Ltd x BMW AG
Number of M&A transactions - DACH region, 2021 (as of August)
Significant Transactions
  • Volkswagen AG x Europcar Mobility Group S.A.
  • Adler Pelzer Group x STS Group

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The automotive industry is set to undergo radical change in the future as more and more technology companies enter the market. With the increasing influence of software, the exchange of data and autonomous driving will become crucial elements of mobility. Regardless, the efficient and high-quality production of automobiles and components remains of great importance.

Our M&A perspective

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation: manufacturers and suppliers are increasingly using automation technologies, leading to a profound change in the value chain. In the future, the focus will no longer be on the car alone, but on mobility as a whole. Although the potential of the market is great, many players in the industry are under pressure. The medium-sized business landscape in particular is subject to strong consolidation pressures.

Our M&A perspective

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