The Importance of Selecting the Right Strategical Partner

The Handelsblatt examines the important steps an entrepreneur must consider, when choosing an investor. Christian Saxenhammer points out, that the best suited investor depends on the needs of the company.

“A company boss should decide which investor is the right one for his firm depending on the kind of added value he needs,” says Christian Saxenhammer, Managing Director of Saxenhammer & Co.. Many small and medium-sized German companies expect from their alliance with a foreign investor to get easier access to new markets. This is why many startups that would like to access overseas market look at US investors. Furthermore, other companies hope for more favorable production conditions or easier procurement of raw materials in international markets. But the downside of such a deal should not be neglected: selling company shares to a foreign investor is more complicated, raises more questions, and requires more clarification than a domestic deal. Often, the chemistry between the partners is not right either.

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